Saatvik Bazaar is a retail store for all your health solutions. It started like a grocery store for healthy and eco-friendly alternatives. Right now, it houses all requirements of :

  • Health juices
  • Indian Cow and A2 milk products
  • Organic Pulses, grains and spices
  • Diet Products
  • Essential Oils and Aroma
  • Dry Fruits
  • Gluten Free Grains and Products
  • special range of Herbal teas and Green coffee
  • Aloe Vera Products
  • Eco-Friendly Washing and Cleaning Products
  • Ayurvedic Medicines
  • Professional Consultation by Experts(Ayurveda, Acupressure, Yoga)

Saatvik Bazaar is a brainchild of Suresh Nagpal and Shashi Nagpal. A few years into their marriage, they decided to pursue a degree in Ayurveda. Later the passion to bring healthy lifestyle solutions to the people around, took form of this store in Subhash Nagar, the western part of New Delhi.

Saatvik Bazaar has become a neighborhood name aiding and feeding into this Indian health revolution where we see a rise in sudden consciousness and awareness for better health and quality lifestyle.